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Hudson Rentals wants your stay to be as pleasant as possible during your visit to North Myrtle Beach. 

Most of our apartments:

  • have access to free wireless **terms and conditions apply
  • are furnished with cooking facilities
  • have coin operated laundry rooms within walking distance
  • have a television with digital coverage
  • are close to the beach
  • are located near employment opportunities
  • have access to shuttle service

** Free Wireless Access Terms and Conditions - 1 free device per week per tenant with no outstanding rent balance.  Additional devices can be added at a rate of $5 per week.  Connectivity may be limited to outdoor access depending on the location of the apartment.  Hudson Rentals does not guarantee the speed or quality of the free access, and any tenant that is not satisfied with the service may consider buying their own data plan from a local provider.

211st Avenue South
North Myrtle Beach
South Carolina


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Winter Rentals

Tips for your working holiday


    Free Wifi

    is available for 1 device per person who has paid their rent. Some connections may be available only from outside locations...

    Find your job

    North Myrtle Beach is full of employment opportunities. Get in early and get your jobs quick. Many positions are available as early as March so don't be late

    Be careful

    used Mopeds are easy to find in Myrtle Beach, but some of them are not fit to drive on the highways, so find a dealer with a good reputation
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